Every developer loves to hate WordPress, and they have good reason to! It’s built on PHP which has its many flaws and does not follow any modern software architectures.

However, there’s no denying the popularity of the “platform”, it powers 20% of the internet and as such there is a…

If you have state that can be stored in the URI, I highly suggest you store it there, because:

  • It’s understandable by the user
  • The user can easily change it
  • It can be easily shared
  • It can be easily saved / bookmarked
  • It’s had “Time Travel” since the first browser
  • Normal users can time travel through their state (no devtools)

If you authenticate with Firebase in your app, authenticating with your API is very easy, as the Firebase token is a JWT.

All we really need to is implement a Guard with a user function that returns an Authenticatable object.

Because our user is actually stored in the JWT token…

Craig Morris

Solutions Architect. Technical Lead. Full-stack Developer. http://craigmorris.io

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